Christian Medical College (CMC) Ludhiana : Hostel

INDIA, Punjab, Ludhiana

Hostel for Boys

  1. Accommodation: 
    1. Separate hostels are provided for both men and women.
    2. The Hostel Warden oversees the management of the hostels.
  2. Meals: 
    1. The Hostel Mess offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal options.
  3. Recreation Room: 
    1. A designated recreation room is available within the hostel premises.
    2. Students can utilise this space for activities such as watching television.
  4. Student Involvement: 
    1. The Students' Council actively supports the Warden in ensuring the smooth operation of the hostel.

Hostel for Girls

The facilities allocated for the girls are the same as for the boys.

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