Sushrutha Ayurvedic Medical College And Hospital : Faq

INDIA, Karnataka, Bengaluru Urban


Sushrutha College offers undergraduate and postgraduate Ayurvedic medicine and surgery courses.

Eligible candidates can apply for admission online through the official website or offline by visiting the college campus.

Yes, Sushrutha College provides internship opportunities in its curriculum, allowing students to gain practical experience.

Absolutely. The college encourages research initiatives and provides facilities for students to engage in Ayurvedic research projects.

Yes, the college promotes extracurricular activities and events to ensure the well-rounded development of students

Faculty members are selected based on their qualifications, expertise, and dedication to Ayurvedic education.

Sushrutha College often collaborates with other medical institutions for knowledge exchange and research.

The college combines traditional teaching methods and modern pedagogical approaches to ensure effective learning.

Details about available scholarships and application procedures can be found on the college's official website.

Sushrutha College's strong emphasis on holistic education, experienced faculty, research focus, and modern infrastructure distinguish it as a premier institution.

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