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Krupanidhi School of Management Placements

  • The placement cell at Krupanidhi School of Management (KSM) plays a vital role in preparing students for successful transitions into the corporate world. It offers top-notch training and motivation to equip students with the necessary skills. 
  • Placements are a significant annual event at the institution, and the placement cell's primary objective is to instigate positive changes in students, guiding them towards their goals through regular interactions and insights from recruiters.
  • The College focuses on identifying and nurturing the individual strengths of each student to align them with recruiter expectations. Furthermore, KSM collaborates with the Finishing School to provide comprehensive industrial training, promoting holistic student development.
  • The Finishing School at Krupanidhi School of Management is a unique concept developed and driven by a professional team of experienced, in-house, certified soft skills trainers and image consultants.
  • Through consistent interventions and training, They actively enhance students' soft skills, including communication, behaviour, and life skills.

Krupanidhi School of Management Placement Process

The placement process at KSM Bangalore is a well-organised procedure that involves collaboration with esteemed companies and organisations. Here is an overview of how it works:

    1. Invitation to Reputed Companies:
      1. KSM's placement cell invites renowned companies and organisations to participate in the placement drive.
    2. Pre-Placement Event: 
      1. Companies conduct a pre-placement event, offering insights into their organisational structure and providing job descriptions to KSM Bangalore students.
      2. During this event, students can ask questions and seek clarification regarding the company and upcoming job opportunities.
    3. CV Submission: 
      1. Interested KSM Bangalore students must submit their CVs to the placement cell as part of the initial application process.
    4. Scheduling the Placement Drive: 
      1. The organisation and KSM's placement cell collaborate to determine a suitable date for the placement drive.
    5. CV-Based Shortlisting: 
      1. Organisations shortlist students based on their CVs, considering qualifications, skills, and experiences.
    6. Selection Process by Organisations:
      1. Companies participating in the KSM placement drive initiate their selection process, which typically includes the following: 
      2. Written tests for the selected students.
      3. Group discussions to assess communication and teamwork skills.
      4. Personal interviews to evaluate candidates' suitability for the positions.
    7. Job Offers: 
      1. Finally, the organisations extend job offers to the selected students of KSM Bangalore, enabling them to embark on their professional journeys.