Krupanidhi School of Management [KSM] : Hostel

INDIA, Karnataka, Bengaluru Urban

Hostel for Boys

Residential Accommodation: The College offers clean and comfortable lodging with excellent sanitation facilities in a healthy and hygienic environment, providing separate accommodations for both boys and girls. The campus features single and double sharing rooms, each equipped with attached bathrooms for your convenience. The hostel ensures round-the-clock access to water and Wi-Fi facilities. To ensure your safety and comfort, dedicated wardens reside on the campus. For inquiries and room allocation, please visit the Office of Admission, where rooms will be assigned based on availability.

Additional Amenities:

  • Wi-Fi: Enjoy 24/7 access to stay connected for academic and personal needs.
  • Gym: The state-of-the-art gym provides access to essential fitness equipment, allowing students to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Vending Machine: Convenient machines are available on campus for quick snack and beverage needs.
  • Washing Machine: Access to washing machines ensures your laundry needs are well handled.
  • Kitchen Facilities: Kitchen facilities are provided to meet your culinary requirements and prepare your meals conveniently.

Hostel for Girls

The facilities allocated for girls are the same as for the boys.